Adam and his team have been our plumbers for a number of years, and aside from being talented in a range of different jobs, are extremely reliable, professional and personal.

They are skilled at solving tricky problems, and look beyond the immediate issue to a long-term solution. For example, we had problems with SA Water, causing brown water to come into our house. Adam permanently solved the issue by installing a special one-way valve for us at the front of our property. It involved digging down 3.5m, while avoiding cables and gas lines, which takes a very skilled plumber to do.

It was a brilliant piece of work and gave us peace of mind. SA Water since had another sewage problem, with wastewater running down the street, but the “Adam” valve protected our house.

Adam is also thoroughly helpful and recommends other quality tradespeople to us when needed. He and his team are the best plumbers we’ve had in a long time.