Leak Detection and Drain Repair in Rostrevor

Fixing a leaky pipe can be a costly, extensive job, especially if you don’t know what caused it. Fortunately our careful inspection skills and advanced technology means we can help our clients avoid high costs and a lengthy repair time.

Such was the case with Pauline of Rostrevor, who needed our help with a mystery water drip.

How we discovered the cause of a water leak through a ceiling fan

A Loss Adjustor called us to Pauline’s home in Rostrevor, Adelaide, to inspect a water drip through her downstairs ceiling fan. The cause of the leak wasn’t clear, but by talking through the problem with Pauline, we discovered a related blocked drain in the bathroom above the leak.

We then checked the drains with our CCTV equipment and discovered a tree root obstruction in the stack (vertical sewer pipe connecting the downstairs and upstairs wet areas), which was located behind the laundry cupboard.

While insurance wouldn’t cover the repair and restoration, Pauline was pleased with our initial work and so requested we carry out the repairs needed.

Our drain repair process: Solving the water leak and preventing re-occurrence

With the clear cause uncovered, we were able to create a plan for a permanent solution.

  1. We cleaned the drain with our hydro-jet to accurately locate the break. We then found that the pipe had sheared at the base of the stack in the concrete floor behind the laundry cupboard and vanity.
  2. Due to the location of the problem, some excavation and repairs were needed. For the safety and comfort of our client, we used a battery-operated concrete saw to eliminate exhaust fumes from the house and used dust extractor fans to remove the concrete dust.
  3. Once we repaired the drain, we included fittings that would allow the drain to expand and contract and prevent the problem from reoccurring.
  4. We re-installed the laundry and vanity cupboards and patched the floor tiles that we removed to finish the job. We also ensured that all cabinet tops and joints were resealed with colour matched silicone.

Drain leak repairs with perfect results

After the extensive repair work, we took care to leave the work site clean and tidy. We are happy to report that Pauline was thrilled with the results of both the plumbing and the repairs of her cabinetry and flooring.

Pauline’s testimonial for Adam Plumbing & Gas

Superior communication

“The team would always tell us when they were going to do something, like use noisy machinery, so we were always prepared. They were very friendly, helpful, and even let me take photos of the work.”

Exceptional results for a great price, and in a great time

“The drain repair took much less time than I thought; the plumbers were only there for four half-days. The overall cost was much cheaper than I thought for a job of this size; I was pleasantly surprised.”

Clean and respectful of the home

“The team were lovely and did a great job of being clean and tidy. They were all polite, hard workers and cleaned up after themselves every day. You would barley even know they were there!”

For a plumber you can trust to take care of your clients