Adelaide Drain Repair Case Study

When a construction crew takes a short cut during the building process, homeowners may run into costly problems down the line.

This recently happened to Barry and Pam of Glenalta, who were left unable to use their sink when their sewerage pipes rusted away. Fortunately, we were able to solve the issue and find them a permanent solution.

How we fixed shoddy sewerage pipes

Barry and Pam have a beautiful home, but during construction, a concreter took a shortcut. When building a landing with steps to cover the home’s three-foot drop, the sewerage pipes were cemented into the landing instead of being raised to an appropriate level.

Over time, the sewerage pipes rusted away and the dirt beneath the steps started to fall back under the pipe. This damage to the pipes left the couple unable to use their kitchen sink.

Barry and Pam called demolishers to remove the steps, landing and railing, then called Adam Plumbing in to tackle the drain repair.

How we repaired the drain

Not being able to use your kitchen sink is a major problem. That’s why we visited their home to begin work as soon as possible.

Before we could get the kitchen sink running again, we needed to locate all the pipes that would need replacing. Taking some extra time on this step is vital to save money and prevent more plumbing problems down the line.

Once we had located the pipes, we replaced the breather pipe and drain connected to the sewerage. Additionally, we brought in our own sand to backfill the pipes where the dirt had fallen away.

Fast kitchen sink and drain repair for a permanent solution

We worked quickly and efficiently so that Barry and Pam could get back to normality as soon as possible

Once we had repaired and cleaned the site, they were able to enjoy their front landing and their kitchen again. Thanks to our modern detection methods, they can also rest easy knowing that this problem was solved once and for all.

Testimonial for Adam Plumbing Adelaide

Dedicated and professional

“Other tradesmen do bits and pieces day by day, but Adam’s crew were here right away, got straight into it, and didn’t stop working until the plumbing was functioning and we had use of our kitchen back. The workers were easy to talk to, friendly, and obliging. We couldn’t ask for more!”

Exceeded expectations

“Adam Plumbing exceeded our expectations. After bad experiences with previous plumbers, we were relieved to work with Adam and his crew. We had a previous plumber who retired, and since then have been seeking an honest and practical plumber. We thought that we would never find a plumber as good as our old one, but Adam and his team were a true Godsend.”

Upfront planning and pricing

“Through the whole process from the initial phone contact to planning, quoting, and working, we were very impressed. Adam and his team are friendly and efficient problem solvers, who worked patiently even with our changing requirements.”

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