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Adam Plumbing and Gas emerges as the leading plumber in Elizabeth, renowned for its exceptional service record since 1997, specialising in dependable plumbing and gas solutions. The inconvenience and cost that a failing plumbing system can bring are well known to us, hence our commitment to swift response times. We ensure prompt arrival at your location, equipped to tackle your plumbing needs effectively.

At Adam Plumbing and Gas, we offer a wide range of services, from immediate emergency repairs to comprehensive bathroom remodels, along with electric and gas hot water system servicing, and meticulous drain cleaning. Our expertise extends to bathroom renovations, unblocking drains, and gas heater servicing, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your plumbing requirements. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective bathroom upgrades, expert gutter cleaning, and certified gas plumbing works, always choosing high-quality, durable materials and fittings. Our team of professional, licensed plumbers is devoted to upholding the highest standards of workmanship in every task, from installations to maintenance. For all-encompassing, reliable service in both residential and commercial sectors in Elizabeth, look no further than Adam Plumbing and Gas.

Elizabeth Plumber, Precision in Every Visit

For both commercial clients and homeowners in Elizabeth seeking effective plumbing solutions, as well as strata managers in need of durable answers to ongoing plumbing challenges, Adam Plumbing and Gas is your premier choice for exceptional support throughout Elizabeth. Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to superior customer service establish us as your trusted local plumbing expert.

Confronted with the inconvenience of a blocked drain or the urgent need for leak detection due to constantly dripping faucets? Adam Plumbing and Gas is at your service, ready to deliver timely and reliable fixes.

Our approach is characterized by careful planning and comprehensive analysis prior to initiating any task, ensuring our interventions are not just prompt but also yield lasting benefits, moving beyond the superficial solutions often adopted by others. Our ambition is to be your all-in-one plumbing service provider, handling everything from supply and installation to ongoing maintenance and repairs, all aimed at achieving your total satisfaction.

Facing troubles with your hot water system? Our skilled technicians will evaluate your situation and advise the best course of action, whether it involves repair or complete system replacement. Opt for Adam Plumbing and Gas for bespoke, economical, and enduring plumbing solutions.


Why We’re the Preferred Plumber for Elizabeth

Have your renovation dreams hit a snag due to the intricacies of your plumbing layout? Invite us over for an inspection – we’re equipped to tackle nearly any challenge. Recognised as a leading plumber in Elizabeth, we’re aware of the complexities and costs that can accompany plumbing repairs, especially when the root cause isn’t immediately apparent.

Adam Plumbing and Gas comes fully equipped and skilled to address these issues. We leverage the latest industry tools for a thorough evaluation, ensuring we pinpoint the most effective strategies. Our commitment to transparency means we keep you informed and involved from start to finish. We steer clear of temporary fixes, opting instead to invest the time to get the job done right on our first visit. This approach may take more effort upfront, but it’s designed to save you considerable costs on future plumbing work.

For more information on our services, please contact us today to speak with a professional plumber trusted by Elizabeth residents.

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What Our Customers Say

Very timely and professional service when I was in an emergency to fix my gas and electricity. Friendly and helpful in explaining any of my concerns. Definitely would recommend.
Paul Kemp

My gas oven malfunctioned and the gas could not be turned off or the gas flow terminated. The service was incredibly prompt. The plumber was polite, helpful and an easy going guy who happily locked up my home once he was done. He offered to support me going forward in choices of new ovens etc, and I will definitely use Adam P&G going forward. Thank you – a stressful situation made very manageable very quickly.
Tracy Hutchings

Big thank you to the guys from Adam Plumbing and Gas. We didn’t have to wonder when they might appear if at all. They got the job done. They were entirely professional and thoughtful. From our initial enquiry to completion of work all was top notch. Highly recommended.
Vicky Mousoulis

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