Reliable Leak Detection in Adelaide

Leaks in your property, be they related to water or gas, can cause a variety of complications. A water leak may seem minor initially but has the potential to cause a cascade of problems. Beyond the obvious risk of unsightly stains soaking into the fabric of your walls and ceilings, a water leak can also compromise the structural integrity of your property over time. The dampness invites mould and mildew, which can affect indoor air quality and pose health risks. Furthermore, unchecked water leaks can lead to a significant and unwanted increase in your water bills as the wastage escalates.

Gas leaks are an even more urgent concern and must be addressed with the utmost seriousness due to the inherent risks they pose. A gas leak can be silent but deadly, leading to asphyxiation or explosions if left undetected and unrepaired. It is absolutely vital for the safety of your family or employees to have a gas leak managed immediately by professionals.

Recognising these risks, Adam Plumbing and Gas offers rapid response services for leak detection and repair. We take pride in our ability to arrive on schedule at your premises, fully prepared to carry out comprehensive inspections to ensure that both water leaks and gas leaks are identified quickly. Our team is not only skilled in diagnosing these issues but also armed with the necessary tools and expertise to carry out repairs on any leaking pipes or taps, restoring your plumbing systems to peak condition. Trust us to manage water and gas leaks with precision, minimising disruption to your life and protecting your property from further damage.

Fixing Leaky Pipes For Good

Persistent leaks, such as a troublesome tap leak or concealed pipe damage, pose significant challenges for home and business owners alike. These issues are further complicated when leaks are hidden beneath floors or within walls, where they can cause extensive pipe damage and result in leakage that is not immediately noticeable. The silent progression of such issues can lead to substantial property damage over time and, worryingly, may also impact your health through exposure to mould or compromised air quality.

Timely intervention is crucial for leak detection in Adelaide to prevent such risks. Factors contributing to pipe damage and leakage can range from subpar construction techniques to natural erosion or even simple neglect. These scenarios necessitate a rapid and precise response to avoid escalating problems. Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and a thorough understanding of both water and gas plumbing, our technicians are adept at pinpointing and repairing leaks of all magnitudes.

At Adam Plumbing and Gas, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive services that cover everything from a minor tap leak repair to the intricate resolution of complex gas plumbing issues. Should we encounter underground leaks that require excavation, we strive to manage these situations with care, ensuring minimal impact on your environment and to return it to its pre-leak state. Our work ethic and commitment to excellence are centred around resolving your plumbing problems promptly and effectively, all while prioritising your convenience and property integrity.

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Don’t Ignore Those Leaks

Gas leaks are among the most critical emergencies that a property owner can face due to their potential for causing not only structural damage but also posing severe safety risks to inhabitants. The smallest spark in the presence of a gas leak can lead to catastrophic outcomes, including fires or explosions. This underscores the importance of having an experienced leak detection plumber on-hand to conduct a meticulous inspection of your property.

At Adam Plumbing and Gas, our leak detection service is characterised by careful scrutiny and maintenance of gas lines to detect any vulnerability or break that could result in gas leaks. We utilise the latest technology to perform leak detection with precision, ensuring that every segment of your pipework is secure and leak-free. After our visit, you can expect your gas system to operate safely, without the risks associated with leaks. Allowing gas leaks to go unaddressed is not only dangerous but can also become a hidden drain on your expenses.

Even if they are not immediately evident, gas leaks can later manifest through physical damage or an unexpected surge in your gas bill. This slow creep of damage can lead to significant repair costs. To protect both your safety and your wallet, proactive engagement with expert leak detection services is essential. At Adam Plumbing and Gas, we value your peace of mind and are dedicated to providing Adelaide residents and businesses with reliable and effective solutions for all gas-related concerns.

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For swift and trustworthy resolution of gas leaking and other plumbing issues, Adam Plumbing and Gas is your go-to solution. Armed with a team of licensed plumbers, we’re prepared to tackle leaks of any nature and help foresee future plumbing challenges. In addition, our preventative maintenance checks on your residential or commercial systems can significantly reduce the risk of leak-related complications in the future.

To secure expert service from Adelaide’s preferred plumbing professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us at (08) 8311 7040 or book online for an assessment. Let our licensed plumbers provide the peace of mind and high-quality service you deserve.

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Leaking plumbing can sometimes be an emergency. If so, we will be there fast.


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We are fully licensed, fully insured, and have decades of experience in all aspects of plumbing.

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Wendy BarkerWendy Barker
05:22 09 Feb 22
Personable, professional and meticulous serviceThe staff I encountered were all pleasant and honest. The plumber worked hard to repair my old unit, and was almost apologetic when he couldn't get the 20plus year old U it to work. The changeover to the new system was handled efficiently and all mess was cleaned up.
Dawn BeydounDawn Beydoun
03:24 02 Feb 22
Very responsive to my initial call, a technician arrived the same morning, calling to arrange a suitable time. Kept us informed and fixed the leaking pipework to an outside tap very quickly and efficiently. We were very happy with the service provided and definitely recommend.
Lydia BLydia B
23:50 26 Jan 22
Excellent service from reception to labour. I had a somewhat urgent job, and they did everything to fit me in the schedule. Adam was very efficient and talked me through all that had been done. Highly recommended business.
Scott QuigleyScott Quigley
23:54 19 Jan 22
A definite 5 stars again⭐️Excellent service and advice from Nathan regarding replacing our hot water service.Very responsive. Same day call out and replaced.Great to have hot water again.Thoroughly recommend.Thanks Adam and Nathan.
Wendy BoothWendy Booth
05:16 13 Jan 22
Contacted and spoke to Adam to get advice on new build sewer connection. He gave me free information and advice, was friendly, professional and able to refer me to other resources. Can't thank you enough for your help. ?
Paul KempPaul Kemp
03:04 08 Dec 21
Very timely and professional service when I was in an emergency to fix my gas and electricity. Friendly and helpful in explaining any of my concerns. Definitely would recommend 5 star
sidhu sidhusidhu sidhu
06:24 26 Nov 21
Excellent service ,great communication and very polite and friendly specially NathanDefinitely recommend there service to my friends and familyThanks guys
J Meister-jamJ Meister-jam
03:26 23 Nov 21
Truly great service on a Friday at 6pm when our drains blocked and sewer overflowed. Adam, Bryce and team always professional and really care about their customers.
Justyn HoJustyn Ho
22:22 14 Nov 21
I had Adam come out to troubleshoot a gas fault, and he was courteous, punctual (unfortunately a lacking trait amongst most trades these days), professional and obviously very experienced & skilled at what he does. Very affordable for the fantastic service he provides. Highly recommended, thanks Adam!
Tanya McKeoughTanya McKeough
23:51 17 Oct 21
Incredible service, incredible staff, on-site attendees polite, courteous and inclusive. Couldn't have asked for better. Great work and clean up afterwards. Answered all our questions and explained what they were doing each step of the way.
Tracy HutchingsTracy Hutchings
05:13 12 Aug 21
My gas oven malfunctioned and the gas could not be turned off or the gas flow terminated. The service was incredibly prompt. The plumber was polite, helpful and an easy going guy who happily locked up my home once he was done. He offered to support me going forward in choices of new ovens etc, and I will definitely use Adam P&G going forward. Thank you - a stressful situation made very manageable very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What damage can leaking pipes cause?

Water damage and flooding can lead to extensive structural damage to all areas of your house or business, and requires costly repairs. This can include ceilings, walls and floors and even the foundations. Your stored items, belongings, furniture, goods or supplies may also be affected.

What are the signs of a plumbing leak?

  • Water meter keeps ticking along even when all the taps are switched off
  • Flooding or puddles around the home or garden
  • Water pressure changes
  • Persistent musty, damp smells
  • Your water bills have sharply increased compared to before
  • Cracks in concrete, brickwork or tiling
  • Tap leaks signs: dripping tap even when switched off, water pooling around or leaking from the tap body and spindle, water coming out of the cover plate when switched on
  • Pipe leaks: dripping noises, hissing sounds or moisture coming from walls or ceilings, discoloured or unpleasant smelling water, mould, warped or stained walls, ceilings and cabinetry
  • Signs of a toilet leak: water pools at the base of the toilet, or it continuously trickles into the bowl, even when it hasn’t been used

How can a leak be fixed?

  • Taps: replacing the washer, O Ring, jumper valve
  • Pipes: replacing the pipe
  • Toilet: replacing the parts which aren’t working properly or unblocking the drainage pipe

What are the causes of leak?

  • The causes of a tap leak are worn out/broken/incorrect size/incorrectly installed tap washer, worn out jumper valve, damaged or corroded valve seating, worn out O Ring
  • Pipe leaks are caused by blockages. Broken or damaged pipes can be caused by high water pressure, corrosion and rust, tree roots, environmental temperature changes and shifts to the house foundation
  • The issues that lead to a leaking toilet can include poor drainage; worn out, damaged, or poorly positioned water valve, float valve or flapper flushpipe seal.

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