Qattro Property Management

An ongoing plumbing problem? We fixed it permanently

If there’s a problem that happens over and over again, all too often plumbers will just fix the symptom of the issue, instead of bothering to address the underlying cause.

One example was in a building managed by the dedicated property managers at Qattro, who called us out for a blocked toilet. When we asked about the history of the problem – as we always do – we discovered the same toilet was blocking every three months – an ongoing inconvenience to tenants and expense for the landlord. From this information, we knew there was actually a problem with the way the toilet had been installed.

A thorough investigation

We put our CCTV camera through the drain to see what was going on, and discovered the pan rubber hadn’t been installed properly and paper being flushed was catching on it. This meant any slight intrusion into the waste system would block it after a couple of flushes.

An easy and permanent fix

We simply pulled the pan apart and put the pan rubber back into place. 18 months on, the toilet has never blocked, and we’re saving the landlord around $800 a year not having to get it continuously unblocked.

Qattro takes a lot of pride in the service they give their clients, so they were very happy to find a plumber who thought more about the problem than just a quick fix.

Qattro property manager Peter Roberts says:

“The first thing that impressed me about Adam was the initial phone call. He responded immediately, and was very thorough in the questions he asked and the knowledge of what had to be done.

We have since had no further problems with that job, and now use him for ongoing needs. At Qattro our strong reputation for customer service has caused us to quadruple our client base in the last three years, and we have only been able to do that with the backing and support of people like Adam.

We see him as a partner in our business, as he helps us deliver a service a cut above the rest.”

Sick of dealing with the same problem over and over? We will diagnose and solve it properly